Classes Classes Minion Cake 198735670 Rose class 1/19/13 Ana 173109362 Beige Purse cake Dummy 182060070 Rose class 1/19/13 Veronica 173109363 Light Blue Purse cake Dummy 182060072 Rose class 1/19/13 Joseline 173109364 Gray Deco Purse Dummy 182491989 Brown/Pink cake Real cake 182492004 Avocado cake Made in class by Margie and Clara on 7/27/13..Real cake Had a great time 182685157 Brown/coral/avocado cake Made in class on 7/27/13 by Teacher and students. Real Cake Had a great time 182685158 Coral Cake Made in class by Claudia and Gladys on 7/27/13..Real cake Had a great time. 182685159 Julianas Purse Cake Made in cake on August 1 183343760